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We shoot Buildings, people and products

Welcome to Julian James Photography Ltd., the leading commercial photography service provider for house builders, architects, and construction companies.

Architectural photography is at the core of our business, Julian has been a  professional photographer for 34 years, he's passionate about his photography and capturing the beauty of architectural design. With his keen eye for detail and expertise in the latest photography techniques, he is  committed to providing his clients with impeccable service and stunning final products. Julian  believe's his  photography has the power to tell a story and communicate the value of design. Let us help you showcase your architectural project in a unique and captivating way.

Permission no UAS 3006

Drone Film

Here is our latest filmed solely with the drone. 

The Brabazon Hanger

This is our lasted film we produced of a sports facility in Bristol, shot totally with the drone. Take a look t our drone page for more details.

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My Channel

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