Welcome to my website, I have worked as a photographer for the past 32 years establishing my business in 1988. I  began my photography journey, firstly at college,  leaving there I trained as a photographer for the local press.


The experience and knowledge I gained from working on the paper was invaluable. Working quickly, creatively and thinking on my feet was a great platform in eventually running my own business. 

I'm based in Bristol and service many different sectors of business, property developers, architects, construction and private home builders. Along with furniture & food manufacturers, the defence industry, financial and utilities.

Drone Photography We also hold a current PFCO from the CAA, to fly drones on a commercial basis for photography and video footage.

Video production- Corporate & training video's, Juilan now supplies a training and corporate video service, and also walk through film's of newly completed construction projects.





We mainly work in the  Construction and private home building sector.  We now provide promotional sales films for house builders.


Many companies ask Julian to cover and record their corporate event, whether that be a corporate golf day, awards ceremony, annual dinner dance, or business conference, event photography is an integral part of Julian James photography

Julian James Photography specialises in Architectural photography, providing creative images of the interior and exterior of buildings under construction or completed projects.


info@julianjames.com     Tel: 01454 858703

mobile 07801 595533

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