A large part of our business is working for private home builders.

For this sector of our business we provide, product photography, interior and exterior image's along with street scenes.

For the past four years we have developed a service specifically  tailored for the housing market, using a drone we are able to provide aerial stills pictures and 4k footage for promotional films of each new development.

This can also be used to film and photograph the local area.


We  hold a current PFCO issued by the CAA Permission no UAS 3006.

We are commercial photographers based in Bristol. Having worked as a commercial photographer for over 31 years, 

Clients vary widely, chair manufacturers, architects, PR companies, Utilities, Water & renewable energy, high spec camper van manufacturers,  banking and construction.

We provide, product shots, people shots and also  pictures for press releases.

Please get in touch if you need a idea of cost or availability for a shoot.

info@julianjames.com     Tel: 01454 858703

mobile 07801 595533

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